Hazel wall basket workshop – 8-11 July (workshop 9-10 July)


£365 includes all materials, food and accommodation.

This is a 2-day residential workshop learning how to make hazel wall baskets or ‘swallows nest’ baskets.

Tutoring will take place 9.30am – 5pm on 9th and 10th July. Participants are expected to arrive after 5.30pm on 8th July for an introduction to the course and stay until the morning of 11th July.

Hazel can be found almost everywhere and as a result is used as a basketry material all over Europe. In England these baskets are becoming more popular and undergoing a resurgence, largely due to the efforts and research of Ruth Pybus in North Wales. I learnt to make them in 2016 and have been teaching them ever since and a recent trip to Slovenia has given me fresh ideas for basketry patterns that I’m eager to pass on.

Hazel baskets need minimal equipment to make so are very accessible. The course will cover material selection, safe knife use, making hazel splints, bending rims and ribs, and weaving patterns

Skill level: beginner. A degree of physical strength and dexterity is needed. Weaving with wood can be difficult and repetitive and involves a lot of sitting down. If you think you might struggle with this then I’m happy to discuss it and explain in more detail.

What’s included?

3 nights accommodation in an eco bunkhouse 7 miles north of Kendal. There is also space for two small tents so if you’d prefer to camp just ask when you book. Weather permitting we can enjoy a campfire in the evenings.

The bunkhouse is in a beautiful rural location in Cumbria with plenty of local walks, some resident fell ponies and a beautiful stream nearby. The bunkhouse is remote & not directly on any transport links but we can offer lifts to & from Kendal train station at the start & end of the course.

The course is fully catered with wholesome vegan food so you can relax and weave without worrying about food. As with all good courses there will be plenty of tea, coffee and freshly baked cakes.

All tools are provided for the course. I will send out a list of tools prior to the course in case you want to bring your own.

All material costs are included.

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